Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Photos of the Year

This year didn't go as planned. It started with me finishing up my internship in Utah and not knowing where my next move was going to be. 
I accepted my first job in Savannah a few months later and moved down to the land of peaches and southern drawls.  Oh and Heat. A heat that a man of my paleness and chub shouldn't have to deal with. 
It didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't clicking in Savannah.
I think this is the biggest lesson I learned this year. I spent a lot of my life not really listening to myself or trusting my gut. 
Everyone I talked to said stay at least year. Don't want to gain that reputation. You'll grow to like it. 
The people in Savannah were wonderful to me and the staff at the paper were kind but I just knew that there was something off. 
I then interviewed with the Tulsa World and, spoiler, I am a staffer here. 
This year was about trying to sort through all the fear and confusion and listening to myself and what I truly wanted and not judging it. To allow those thoughts to just exist. 
I don't recommend living in 7 states in four years. I don't recommend leaving a job after four months for another you are just as unsure about. I do recommend allowing yourself to have thoughts of doubt and uneasiness and not judging them as weak. 

Here are my top photos from 2015 

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